Chip's Church of the 'Holy Point-Spread'

Today's word...FAITH! “Betting the Mouse”

This is the Legend of the Famous 'A' Play

The most incredible handicapper in the World today

He talks a great deal and brags indeed-y

of Amazing Winners provided for the needy...

The betting world was dark and dreary

But a brash young winner was to help the weary...

This dashing young man had burst on the scene

and was raining down winners that seem obscene

A truly notable man to revere and see

become a Champion in a tinted industry

He's a man of his word and without a doubt

Will make you a 'winner' with plenty of clout!

So, Be an 'A' Play winner!

“Because...When Chip says a mouse can outrun a horse,
Don’t ask how; put your money where your mouse is”!

Don't bet against will cost you!

The 'A' Play- Chip Chirimbes

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Click here to View archives of The 'A" Play Handicapping Show 'Live' from New York City in 1978-1987.





 Chip's AFC Championship Money Game

Chip Chirimbes the 'Big Game Player' and Las Vegas Hilton Handicapping Champion was a combined 4-4 with NFL Sides and Totals last weekend but lost his Big Game release with Kansas City. Chip has been deemed a NFL 'Postseason Wizard' buy the Nation's Media and is proving it again and is now 14-6 70% with Playoff Sides and Totals. Sunday's AFC Money Game Playoff Winner between Buffalo at Kansas City. Chip is now a 'Documented' 48-25 65% with his last 73 NFL releases. Get Chip's Money Game for just $29!


 Chip's 'Highest-Rated' NBA Megabucks Winner

Chip Chirimbes, the 'Big Game Player' and 7-time NBA Las Vegas Handicapping Champion was 0-1 in NBA action Saturday and is now a 'Documented' 29-17 63% the last 22 days with his NBA releases. Sunday, Chip is posting his Highest-Rated' Megabucks between New York and Portland for $39!



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Chip's Single Day Best

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