Chip's Church of the 'Holy Point-Spread'

Today's word...FAITH! “Betting the Mouse”

This is the Legend of the Famous 'A' Play

The most incredible handicapper in the World today

He talks a great deal and brags indeed-y

of Amazing Winners provided for the needy...

The betting world was dark and dreary

But a brash young winner was to help the weary...

This dashing young man had burst on the scene

and was raining down winners that seem obscene

A truly notable man to revere and see

become a Champion in a tinted industry

He's a man of his word and without a doubt

Will make you a 'winner' with plenty of clout!

So, Be an 'A' Play winner!

“Because...When Chip says a mouse can outrun a horse,
Don’t ask how; put your money where your mouse is”!

Don't bet against will cost you!

The 'A' Play- Chip Chirimbes

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Statistics Per Individual Sport
  Sport   Wins Losses ROI Win %
  NFL126   87   1387.90   59 %  
  NCAAF103   47   2901.90   69 %  
  NBA142   107   2592.50   57 %  
  NCAAB128   78   2338.50   62 %  
  MLB169   113   5029.00   60 %  
  Past 30 Days 14   7   429.00   67 %  
  Season Totals 668   432   14249.80   61 %  

*Return on Investment (ROI) figure above represents profits made based on a $10 per unit risk amount.

documented plays


  December 03, 2023   
    (NFL)   Kansas City Chiefs vs. Green Bay Packers
    PICK: Green Bay Packers 6 RISK 10 UNITS (WIN)
  December 01, 2023   
    (NCAAF)   Oregon vs. Washington
    PICK: Oregon -360 RISK 10 UNITS (WIN)
  November 30, 2023   
    (NFL)   Seattle Seahawks vs. Dallas Cowboys
    PICK: Seattle Seahawks 9 RISK 10 UNITS (WIN)
  November 28, 2023   
    (NBA)   Toronto Raptors vs. Brooklyn Nets
    PICK: Toronto Raptors 1.5 RISK 10 UNITS (LOSS)
  November 26, 2023   
    (NFL)   Baltimore Ravens vs. Los Angeles Chargers
    PICK: Los Angeles Chargers 3 RISK 10 UNITS (LOSS)
  November 25, 2023   
    (NCAAF)   Ohio State vs. Michigan
    PICK: Michigan -3.5 RISK 10 UNITS (WIN)
  November 23, 2023   
    (NFL)   San Francisco 49ers vs. Seattle Seahawks
    PICK: Seattle Seahawks 7.5 RISK 10 UNITS (LOSS)
  November 20, 2023   
    (NFL)   Philadelphia Eagles vs. Kansas City Chiefs
    PICK: Philadelphia Eagles 2.5 RISK 9 UNITS (WIN)
  November 18, 2023   
    (NCAAF)   Georgia vs. Tennessee
    PICK: Tennessee 10.5 RISK 25 UNITS (LOSS)
  November 16, 2023   
    (NFL)   Cincinnati Bengals vs. Baltimore Ravens
    PICK: Baltimore Ravens -3.5 RISK 10 UNITS (WIN)
  November 16, 2023   
    (NCAAF)   Boston College vs. Pittsburgh
    PICK: Pittsburgh -3 RISK 7 UNITS (WIN)
  November 15, 2023   
    (NBA)   Minnesota Timberwolves vs. Phoenix Suns
    PICK: Phoenix Suns -6 RISK 10 UNITS (WIN)
  November 14, 2023   
    (NBA)   Los Angeles Clippers vs. Denver Nuggets
    PICK: Los Angeles Clippers 4.5 RISK 10 UNITS (WIN)
  November 13, 2023   
    (NFL)   Denver Broncos vs. Buffalo Bills
    PICK: Denver Broncos 7.5 RISK 10 UNITS (WIN)
  November 11, 2023   
    (NCAAF)   Michigan vs. Penn State
    PICK: Penn State 4.5 RISK 10 UNITS (LOSS)
  November 11, 2023   
    (NCAAF)   Oklahoma State vs. Central Florida
    PICK: Central Florida 2.5 RISK 15 UNITS (WIN)
  November 09, 2023   
    (NFL)   Carolina Panthers vs. Chicago Bears
    PICK: Carolina Panthers 3 RISK 8 UNITS (WIN)
  November 09, 2023   
    (NCAAF)   Virginia vs. Louisville
    PICK: Virginia 21 RISK 8 UNITS (WIN)
  November 08, 2023   
    (NBA)   Phoenix Suns vs. Chicago Bulls
    PICK: Chicago Bulls -115 RISK 10 UNITS (LOSS)
  November 07, 2023   
    (NCAAB)   Auburn vs. Baylor
    PICK: Auburn 1.5 RISK 10 UNITS (LOSS)
  November 06, 2023   
    (NFL)   Los Angeles Chargers vs. New York Jets
    PICK: Los Angeles Chargers -3 RISK 10 UNITS (WIN)